Watchface Builder for Garmin

Watchface Builder for Garmin


Version 8.0.5

  • Fixed: Low power display honors visibility expression
  • Added: low power mode will update the second data fields (tm9, tm9.1, etc.)
  • Added: grid lines

If you set the visibility of the second object, during the low power mode when screen is updating, app will also check the expression of visibility and decide if the second should be visible or not.

The following data fields ((tm9), (tm9.0), (tm9.1), (tm9.2), (tm9.3), (tm9.4)) will be updated during the low power mode.

A new object (grid line) was added to builder. This will be useful for drawing the grid lines under a chart data field.

You can specify the color of grid lines and spacing between lines, and also you will rotate the object to show horizontal or vertical grid lines. All those fields can use expression to make it further dynamic.

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