Watchface Builder for Garmin

Watchface Builder for Garmin


Version 8.0.4

  • Low power partial updates will check the visibility expression
  • Low power partial updates includes:
    • time object with second format (s or ss)
    • data fields with second (tm9, tm9.1, and tm9.2)

If you want to disable low power update, please check the option under the global section.

During the low power mode, app will not update the text that are curved text.

When you design the objects which will be updated during the low power mode, you should

  1. place the object on top of a solid color background
  2. make the area as small as possible
    • for time object, set the format to s or ss only, don’t mix the time object with other formats (like hour, minute etc.)
    • for data field, don’t use expression, use only a token: (tm9), (tm9.1), or (tm9.2).
  3. use stock font instead of custom font (custom font will work but consumes more battery)

Have fun.

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