Watchface Builder for Garmin

Watchface Builder for Garmin


Version 7.0.0

  • Added: grid lines
  • Added: remove color button
  • Added: triangle shape indicator for arc goal field
  • Changed: one coordinate system
  • Fixed: too many to list

You can now toggle the grid lines in the status bar:

All color input box has an eraser button. When you click it, the widget will either draw itself with a transparent color or be skip (without drawing).

Arc goal field has a triangle indicator

it will render the widget like this:

You can use this instead to replace the point goal field in case you have 256 images limit error.

4 thoughts on “Version 7.0.0

    joshuahxh - June 4, 2022 at 11:04 am

    Please use the “Line shape goal”.

    If you want the steps line shape goal, use following data fields:
    Data field: (ai12)
    Min value: 0
    Max value: (ai13)

    Malcerz - June 5, 2022 at 2:50 am

    How to change the color of the Grind line? The standard is white, and I use a white background. There is a Grid line color field in Global Setting, but when I click on it, the color palette does not open. Nothing happens

    DaveyHg - June 4, 2022 at 10:53 am

    Hi josh, the line goal is missing from the steps goal now, it only has options for circular – the line goal doesnt work as it keeps highlighting the tab in red

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