Watchface Builder for Garmin

Watchface Builder for Garmin


Version 6.0.0

  • Added: Layers supported for multiple power modes
  • Added: Design for a screen size, not for just one specify device
  • To-do: DND mode (not working yet)
  • Fixed: goal field indicator
  • Fixed: bunch bugs

Screen size

Your design is starting from picking device’s screen size now.

Your design should work for all devices with the same screen size.

Widget section

On the left side widgets section, the first row is the power mode selector, click one of them will toggle the visibility of widgets in canvas:

  1. All: canvas will show all widgets in your design
  2. High: canvas will show all widgets which are only visible in high power mode
  3. Low or AOD: canvas will show all widgets which are only visible in low power mode. (When your device has always-on function, it will be AOD, otherwise it will be Low)
  4. DND: (not working yet)

The name of widget can be changed by clicking the text on the widget’s header section:

Each widget has three visibility controls:

If you want to hide the widget in certain power mode, check the checkbox.

When a widget is selected, the name of the widget, as well as the size will be displayed in the status bar

If you uncheck “snapping” on the status bar, when moving a widget, it will not auto-align with other widgets. The string in front of “snapping” is the screen size for your design.

There are more changes. If you have any issue, please post it on the reddit forum.

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