Watchface Builder for Garmin

Watchface Builder for Garmin


Version 5.2.1

  • Added: data fields for Connect IQ System 5 SDK

System 5 has all new access to device metrics including:

ActivityMonitor.Info.respirationRateGet the current respiration value
ActivityMonitor.Info.timeToRecoveryGet the current time to recovery
SensorHistory.getBodyBatteryHistory()Get device Body Battery history
SensorHistory.getStressHistory()Get device stress history
System.Stats.batteryInDaysGet the amount of battery remaining in days
UserProfile.Profile.vo2MaxRunningGet the user’s running VO2 Max
UserProfile.Profile.vo2MaxCyclingGet the user’s cycling VO2 Max
UserProfile.getUserActivityHistory()*Get an iterator of the user’s past activities
Weather.getSunrise() Get the sunrise time for a location
Weather.getSunset() Get the sunset time for a location
* doesn’t work in my simulator and my beta version of firmware.

Supported Devices

Connect IQ System 5 has rolled out on a number of devices with more coming:

Now AvailablePublic Beta AvailableComing Soon
Forerunner® 245 Series
Forerunner® 745
Forerunner® 945
Forerunner® 945 LTE
Venu® Series
Venu® 2 Series
Venu® 2 Plus Series
Vivoactive 4 Series
epixTM (gen 2)
fēnix® 5 Plus Series
fēnix® 6 Series
fēnix® 7 Series
Instinct® 2 Series
MARQ® Series
quatix® 6
tactix® 6
Venu® Sq Series

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