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Simple Times in Large Numerals


Created @ 2022-09-25 19:59:13

Updated @ 2022-10-21 13:06:23

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Simple Times in Large Numerals


Prominent notification icon so that I can disable my phone's always-on display and save battery.

Large numerals for the local time using Steelfish font.

Local time, UTC time, current date, battery bar, HR, HR history, current weather and temp

Data fields

This app displays the following data fields:

  • local time ss
  • UTC time HH:mm
  • current date D MMM
  • Current Heart Rate
  • local time h:mm
  • Notification Icon
  • Notification Count
  • Battery Icon
  • Heart Rate Chart
  • Condition Icon
  • text
  • temp in F

Watchface languages:

  • ENG
  • CES
  • DEU
  • FRE
  • HUN
  • PRO
  • SLO
  • SPA

This app requires access to:

  • SensorHistory
  • Positioning
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