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[Demo] Total distance since Sunday


approachs62 fenix6 fenix7 fr255 fr255m fr955 legacyherofirstavenger legacysagadarthvader vivoactive4

Created @ 2022-09-21 10:14:15

Updated @ 2022-09-21 10:32:36

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[Demo] Total distance since Sunday


A custom function to calculate the total distance since Sunday (exclude today's).

To return a different unit (for example, mile), change the last line of the custom function to:

  return rtn / 160900.0;

You can change the started date to Monday by changing the variable from_dayOfWeek to 2.

To add today's distance into this custom function, add the following line before the last line.

  rtn += ActivityMonitor.getInfo().distance;
Data fields

This app displays the following data fields:

  • Custom function
  • Distance Chart

Watchface languages:

  • ENG
  • CES
  • DEU
  • FRE
  • HUN
  • PRO
  • SLO
  • SPA

This app requires access to:

  • SensorHistory
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