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Damnaa Watch face

Damnaa Watch face


Created @ 2022-07-15 03:42:29

Updated @ 2022-07-16 06:37:27

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Try it out and let me know if it is working as how i see it here. except for the colourful information, it should show in black n white so ya.

i dont have this watch, Simply makin for yall, love this watch, if i happen to buy it someday ill build more watchfaces & ensuring they work flawlessly 

tryina make some penny :)

Your welcome if you wanna support me. 

Thank you

Data fields

This app displays the following data fields:

  • datetime
  • datetime
  • Connection Icon
  • Name
  • Moon phase icon
  • Steps
  • Sunrise time
  • Sunrise end time
  • Battery Remaining Time
  • Phone Connection Icon
  • Movebar Icon
  • Arc sun events
  • Wifi Connection Icon

Watchface languages:

  • ENG
  • CES
  • DEU
  • FRE
  • HUN
  • PRO
  • SLO
  • SPA

This app requires access to:

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