Watchface Builder for Garmin

Watchface Builder for Garmin

Fenix 6X Lots of Data


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Created @ 2022-04-01 18:08:36
Updated @ 2023-10-09 19:10:00

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Fenix 6X Lots of Data


I built this to have the data I want.  Up top is elevation in feet and pressure in inHg.  Below that is the date.  Middle shows battery percentage, time, and notifications for bluetooth, alarms and messages (only indications, no number count).  The next three lines show weather information from OWM, to include wind speed, temperature current status and observation location.  Overall, this watch face is draining my battery about 5 percent per day, so not bad at all!

Data fields

This app displays the following data fields:

  • datetime
  • Battery Icon
  • Connection Icon
  • Alarm Icon
  • Notification Icon
  • datetime
  • Pressure
  • Elevation
  • Temperature
  • Wind speed
  • Name
  • Weather condition - main

Watchface languages:

  • ENG
  • CES
  • DEU
  • FRE
  • HUN
  • ITA
  • PRO
  • SLO
  • SPA

This app requires access to:

  • SensorHistory
  • Background
  • Communications
  • Positioning
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