Watchface Builder for Garmin

Watchface Builder for Garmin



d2airx10, d2mach1, epix2pro47mm, fr265, venu2, venu2plus

Created @ 2022-02-15 01:36:04
Updated @ 2022-07-19 14:54:16

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While waiting for Garmin to fix the brightness problem of the Epix (way too bright in the dark) I'm trying a watchface with dark colors (gray instead of white text for example), which is still bright enough most of the time.

I personally set my watch to the dimmest brightness setting, but if you find it too dim during the day you can increase the setting. At least we have a way other than too bright, brighter and way too bright :-)

Data fields

This app displays the following data fields:

  • datetime
  • datetime
  • datetime
  • Sunrise time
  • Sunset time
  • Steps
  • Battery Icon
  • datetime
  • Condition Icon
  • Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • High Temperature
  • Alarm Icon
  • Current Heart Rate
  • Battery Remaining Time
  • Battery % Value
  • Heart Rate Chart
  • Connection Icon
  • Notification Icon
  • Charging Icon
  • Line shape goal

Watchface languages:

  • ENG
  • CES
  • DEU
  • FRE
  • HUN
  • ITA
  • PRO
  • SLO
  • SPA

This app requires access to:

  • SensorHistory
  • Positioning
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